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Spyke Products

Spyke - A Leader in Motorcycle Apparel

Founded in the seventies, Spyke, an Italian leather goods company began its journey to become a leading motorcycle clothing brand. Using the finest materials and cutting-edge technology, it is now considered an internationally recognized name.

Represented by many champions such as Kenny Roberts Jr and Roberto Locatelli, Spyke is a preferred apparel choice for motorcyclists across the globe.

Spyke Products

With innovative techniques, Spyke manufactures motorcycle gear for both professional and recreational riders. To maintain high standards, each Spyke product undergoes rigorous testing. All products are carefully designed keeping in mind quality, durability, aesthetic appeal, reliability and safety.

High-Tech Materials


Spyke enjoys a competitive edge by using high tech leather. With its distinct features, the leather caters to specific performance needs. Here are a few types of high tech leathers used by Spyke:

  • Full Grain Kangaroo Leather This soft leather allows for ventilation, is water-resistant and light weight
  • Snuffed Cow Leather Is tear resistant and high tension
  • Cow Split Grain Offers more resistance on stressed parts, comes with a velvety finish
  • Aniline Treated Cow or Sheep Leather Offers a natural appearance
  • Vintage Leather Comes with worn effect

Zips and Fabrics

Spyke uses high tenacity fabrics that are combined with bi-elasted weaves and twisted yarns. By using carefully selected combinations of polyster, cordura, rayon, lycra and nylon, Spyke creates apparel that is resistant to heat, abrasion, water, tearing and offers maximum protection to riders.

Racing suits are fitted with nylon spiral zip closures which adapt to the shape of the rider's body, and are resistant to thermal shocks, flames, heat, and meet all industry safety standards.

Spyke Products at Maximo Moto

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