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Shiro Helmets

The Shoei X-Spirit was first introduced in the market in 2003 and quickly became the benchmark for what a solid helmet should be. In 2010, the Shoei X-Spirit2 was created by taking into account the latest advances in material and technology. The result is a racing helmet which is tried and tested and which all riders absolutely need. From the second that you don this helmet, know that it has been developed with the feedback and expertise of scores of professional racers. This ensures that you get a product which has been created with all of the best safety considerations in mind.

Technical Information –

  • Strong, shock-absorbent shell constructed in AIM + technology
  • Shell comes in 4 different sizes to ensure the perfect fit, XS-XXL
  • Equipped with EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System) which allows for quick removal in the event of a fall or accident
  • Dual resistance visor seal
  • Double D-Ring

Comfort –

  • Entirely detachable and washable inner lining
  • Removable and Washable chin strap cover 
  • Chin curtain designed to reduce turbulence inside the helmet
  • Mist-retardant CW-1 pin lock visor for perfect visibility

Ventilation –

  • Multiple channels for ventilation and extraction, with air intakes in the front and back of the helmet
  • Inlet vents are located in the upper brow, head, and chin area for extra cooling

Aerodynamics –

  • Innovative sporty design with spoilers to reduce air resistance
  • Flush surface and a streamlined shape to reduce drag 

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