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SHOEI VFX-W KRACK Motorcycle Helmet

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Special Price 399,95 €

Preço Normal: 550,07 €

Você salva 27.29 %
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If you’re looking for one of the best helmets a rider could have, look no further than the SHOEI VFX-W KRACK Motorcycle Helmet.
The SHOEI VFX-W KRACK  Motorcycle Helmet is sturdy, edgy, and reliable. It features a solid outer shell (AIM+), and an inner EPS lining system in two densities. It also features a double D-ring and an Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS) which allows for quick removal of the helmet in the event of an accident or fall.
The helmet features edgy graphics and comes in four different outer shell sizes, XS-XXL. This way you can get a helmet which fits you just right. With removable inner paddings, the helmet is easy to clean, preventing buildup of harmful bacteria.
Technical Information –

  • Made out of tough AIM outer shell
  • EPS shell on the inside for protection against cracking
  • EQRS system to facilitate quick and easy removal 

Comfort –

  • Removable and washable interior
  • Extra large visor for more visibility and protection

Ventilation –

  • Multiple channels of ventilation for air intakes in the front and back

Aerodynamics –

  • Innovative sporty design with spoilers to lessen air resistance

Ventilation is also an important feature that all helmets must have, and the SHOEI VFX-W KRACK  Motorcycle Helmet comes with an excellent ventilation system. The extra-large visor on the helmet is another great feature which protects the rider from the elements, dirt, and the sun’s rays.

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