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Under Garments

You might be one of these two:

The owner of a pair of biking shorts, wondering whether you need to wear undergarments or not. Or you could be a rookie biker, trying to figure out what equipment and garments you need.

In both cases, you need to know a bit about biking underwear.

Why you Need it?

A lot of people might question the need for having underwear, especially since you have protective clothing over it. Here is why you might want to consider adding these garments to your shopping list:

  • Friction Control: This is specifically true for long distance and frequent riders. With such riding, the rubbing between your inner thighs tends to become more and more uncomfortable and might eventually result in painful abrasions. The Maximo Moto Taranto pants are designed with this in mind. They are longer in length to cover the entire leg and are made from a material that keeps the friction element in check.
  • Wetness Control: Bike riding is no less than a workout for your entire body, especially your legs. With exertion comes sweat. And sweat can cause wetness that gets trapped in your clothing and wont dry off. This will leave you feeling all clammy and sticky. The Maximo Moto Taranto pants, and Taranto top, are both designed with Robex breathable and moisture wicking fabric. Thanks to this, your body remains dry and cool, allowing you to enjoy your ride. The dryness also helps reduce the chances of developing blisters in sensitive areas.
  • Shock Absorption: Biking underwear is lightly padded. This is just enough to keep all the sensitive areas and pressure points comfortable. Along with comfort, what this padding helps with is shock resistance, especially in the crotch area, which typically needs the most protection.
  • Better Fit: Unlike your regular underwear items, this underwear is designed to stay firmly in place and be snuggly fitted. The undergarments available at Maximo Moto are designed ergonomically for the best fit.

What You Need To Consider?

There are certain things you should keep in mind when you go underwear shopping:

  • Moisture wicking: This should be your top priority. This is one aspect that guarantees comfort. The material should be able to dry off sweat and rainwater quickly.
  • Your Health: A lot of people have very sensitive skin, or some particular skin condition that might be prone to an allergic reaction, if exposed to particular materials. The material you choose should be anti bacterial so that your underwear does not become a source of allergic reactions and infections.
  • Male vs. Female Underwear: Make sure you buy the right underwear, this goes without saying. Men's underwear typically have a pocket around the crotch area for added protection.

While the outer layer of a bikers' gear would protect you against the weather and minimize the damage in case of accidents, the inner layer is equally important. It adds comfort and protection to the entire gear.

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