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Motorcycle Textile Pants

Textile Motorcycle Pants – All You Need To Know

Falling off the bike, skidding on the road in a drift gone awry could happen to the best of us. When it does, would you rather be wearing tough motorcycle textile pants, or a thin layer of cotton fabric – The choice is yours.

What Makes a Motorcycle Pant?

The primary difference between a pair of motorcycle pants and a pair of regular pants lies in the protection offered. There are various types of motorcycle pants available. Their main purpose is to offer protection against accidents. Serious bikers often own several types of motorcycle pants, for different weathers, comfort levels and personal preferences. But by and large, anything claiming to be a pair of motorcycle pants would have some common protective features, such as:

  • Abrasion resistant material
  • Special protection for injury prone areas – the hips, calves, thighs and knees
  • Padding/armour for overall protection

These three features should be a part of any pair of motorcycle pants. 

Why You Should Buy Textile Motorcycle Pants?

There are several reasons why you should go for textile motorcycle pants:

Comfort - The comfort level of the material depends on the type you go for. Textiles are light and breatheable (for instance, mesh) or they could also be stiff and heavy (like thick, ballistic nylon). If you are looking for the ultimate comfort and protection, you might want to get your hands on AGVSports' Motorcycle Textile Pants, available at Maximo Moto.

Maintenance - Textiles are very easy to maintain. They can simply be washed like normal fabric, whereas leather pants would require special care or dry cleaning.

Weather - Textile motorcycle pants have vents for when the weather is warm and liners for when it is cold. In addition, they can be made of water resistant fabric or have a water resistant coating to keep the rider dry in snow or rain.

Strength intensity - Textile motorcycle pants vary in the intensity of protection they offer. Some are designed with fabric that offers more durability, while others could be designed for relatively lighter riding.

Versatility - Textiles have the widest variety of colors and cuts available. The fabric is simple to dye and stitch, making the color and styling choices nearly endless.

Protection - Textile motorcycle pants also come with CE protection to keep the rider safe and protected.

Value - Textiles are relatively economical and offer sufficient amount of comfort and protection.

Types of Materials Used in Textile Motorcycle Pants

A great variety of synthetic materials are used in the manufacturing of motorcycle pants. Here are a few,

Aero-Tex -  A thin, lightweight fabric, adjusted between the outer layer and the lining.

Ballistic Nylon - Developed for the US Department of Defense to use in flak jackets.

CE Armour - CE is the European standard for grading motorcycle protective armour. Before you buy your textile pants, insist on a CE-approved pair of pants. The Scorpio Temp Motorcycle Textile Pants, available at Maximo Moto, are a good option in this case.

Cordura - This is a high tenacity, air textured nylon fiber, that offers high abrasion resistance.

Denier - A sort of nylon fiber that is known for its thickness.

Gore-Tex - This is a thin, lightweight fabric, similar to Aero-Tex.

Kevlar - This is the strongest fabric known to man, and is typically mixed with other fabrics before use.

Whatever type of pants you buy, and wherever you purchase them from, keep one thing in mind:

The Fitting -This part is not just the manufacturer's responsibility, it is yours as well. Make sure you know your waist and inseam size, and have a good understanding of the manufacturer's sizing chart before you place any orders. Even the best motorcycle pants cannot help you if they shift or slide during an accident, making the protective features they come with useless.