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Motorcycle Textile Jackets

When you are out on the road, riding hard at high speeds, there is nothing but unforgiving, hard gravel to cushion a fall. The human body is not designed to withstand such impacts on its own, so safety gear carries critical importance for smart riders.

Apart from the helmet, the motorcycle jacket is the most important piece of safety equipment for a rider. Considering the fact that it covers several of your body's most vital organs, riders should not spare any expense to get the best motorcycle jackets out there. The right jacket can help prevent road burns and broken bones and can absorb the immediate blow of an impact, thereby protecting your internal organs.

With so many motorcycle textile jackets available out there, here are a couple of pointers to help you buy the best motorcycle jacket for yourself.
The focus will be on textile jackets that are made up of nylon and polyester and include varieties like Dynatec, Kevlar and Armacor. Textile jackets are waterproof and offer protection from the cold, along with ventilation at the same time. However, the best thing about these jackets is their all-round comfort.

Integrated Protectors:

Firstly, you need to understand that motorcycle jackets are specifically tailored safety items which cannot be substituted for normal jackets or hoodies. A motorcycle jacket should have integrated protectors like shoulder pads, elbow pads and back and chest padding. Try to go for jackets that have Kevlar linings. After the protective layering of the jacket, these pads will be your second line of defense in case of a serious crash. More often than not, they could end up saving your life.

Getting the Right Size:

The second thing you need to check for when buying a motorcycle textile jacket, is the size. A jacket will be more or less useless if it does not fit. For example, shoulder pads will be useless in a crash if the pads are resting on your biceps. Each integrated protector should snugly fit on their position for them to protect you in case of an impact.


Considering that you might have to wear your jackets for extended time periods, it’s important that you be comfortable in them. Jackets can vary in weight, depending on the amount of safety padding inside and the material of the jacket. Too much padding means more weight and it might get hot, which can be uncomfortable.

So you need to find a jacket with the right balance of integrated protectors, size and weight.
Here at Maximo Moto we offer a wide range of textile jackets that feature the perfect balance between comfort and durability. Be it the Prato Jacket, the Lucca Jacket or the Turin Jacket, riders are sure to find something which fulfills their needs. So wait no more and browse through our textile jackets section to get the best option for yourself.