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Motorcycle Leather Pants

The Why, How and What’s of Leather Motorcycle Pants

Most riders wear motorcycle jackets, but few pay attention to leather motorcycle pants. Here is a statistic, in case of an accident; legs are more prone to injury than any other part. Eight out of ten rider casualties have leg injuries.

Which Part of the Leg Needs Protection?

Before we go on to discuss appropriate protective clothing, let’s take a look at the parts of the leg that are most prone to serious injuries.

  • Hips or Pelvis: 13% of rider casualties have injured hips or pelvis. Most of these injuries are the result of direct impact with other objects.
  • Upper Leg: 13% of rider casualties had injuries on the upper leg
  • Knees: Half of all injured riders hurt their knees
  • Lower Leg: The lower leg is that part of the body which is most likely to break in the event of an accident

How to Buy Motorcycle Leather Pants?

When you go out to buy a pair of leather pants, keep the following in mind, with regards to the above mentioned injury-prone parts:

  • Impact protectors are required for the hips and the sides. Maximo Moto offers various designs by Spyke that include shock absorbing side padding and even flex zones on the waist.
  • The thigh bone is prone to fractures. In case of high speed racing, not much can protect you against fractures, but the right amount and type of fabric might help reduce the damage. The 1mm thick leather on Spyke's LF Man Pant, along with the high strength stretch fabric could help.
  • The inner leg is a moderate risk area and needs abrasion resistant materials to protect it. As a rule, the material on this area should provide at least 1.8 seconds abrasion resistance. The Spyke LF Slider Pant available at Maximo Moto, offers this feature in the form of friction areas on the inside lining.

What Should You Look For?

The pants you buy, should be tested and meet the European Standards (EU) for quality. If a pair of pants is tested for abrasion, cut, impact, friction and resistance, it would be labeled CE EN 13595. Even if the pants are not labeled, you can always check how safe they are by checking its design.

It’s Not Just for Accidents

Protective pants for bikers are not just a useful measure against potential accidents. They also defend the rider against harsh weather. Keeping this in mind, make sure the pants you choose are water repellent.

So before you rush out for a quick cruise or race with friends, make sure you are fully prepared for all possible outcomes.