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Motorcycle Leather Jackets

These tips will help you find the perfect motorcycle jacket:

88,000 motorcyclists were injured in accidents in 2013. These statistics by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reflect the importance of safety on the road. A responsible motorcycle rider will always make safety a priority not only for themselves but for others on the road as well.

Motorcycle safety gear manufacturers have come a long way in making riding safe. You can choose from a wide range of leather motorcycle jackets that offer style, comfort, and the most important of them all safety.

  1. Why are you buying a motorbike leather jacket?

    There is no 'one size fits all' rule with motorcycle jackets. Every rider needs different gear. For this reason, before you select a jacket, ask yourself the following questions:

    • How often do you ride?
    • Do you race?
    • What kind of terrain do you ride on?
    • What weather conditions do you ride in?
  2. Choose the right material

    Leather, denim, and synthetic materials come with their specific pros and cons. Denim and synthetic jackets are made from a breathable lightweight material which offers a reasonable amount of protection to riders. On the other hand, a leather jacket offers a sleek and classy look, is waterproof, and durable as compared to other materials.

  3. Does it fit?

    It's smart to buy a jacket one size bigger as it allows flexibility. When trying on a jacket, make sure the cuffs and sleeves reach your wrists, and the jacket covers your entire lower back when you are in a riding position.

  4. Go for extra armor

    Motorcycle leather jackets aren't the same as regular jackets. They come with padding sewn in specific areas. This protects vulnerable areas of your body and can provide that crucial cushion in the event of a crash.

  5. Visible colors

    Black may be the classic choice for most motorcycle riders. However, one major drawback that comes with this color is the visibility factor - especially at night. Being visible to other motorists is essential and can lower your risk of accidents. A smart choice would be to opt for a jacket that has reflective strips woven in. Or you could scratch the idea of a black jacket and choose vibrant colors such as red, yellow, etc.

  6. Choose high quality materials

    You get what you pay for. Investing in cheap leather motorcycle jackets may be a bad idea as they won’t last long and put you and others at risk. It is recommended that you go for quality leather that offers both durability and protection.

  7. Lining and vents

    For protection against the cold, a zip-out lining under your jacket could help. The lining can be removed during hot weather. You may also want to consider vents for summers. Check for vents in the shoulder and underarm areas of the jacket. You would want to feel the wind when riding and not suffocate in the process. 

  8. Seams & Zippers

    When it comes to seams, they should always be on the inside of the jacket. This will reduce the chance of abrasion in the event of a crash. Also leather jackets in particular should have fewer seams as more seams compromises the stability of the material.

Zippers are usually made of plastic and metal. An important point to note here is that they should have a fabric covering so that they do not pose any risk of injury.

In the end it’s important to buy from a retailer that only offers quality products. At Maximo Moto, you can find exclusive and high quality motorcycle leather jackets from different manufacturers. Maximo Moto's stylish and durable jacket collection includes Spyke's 4 Race GP, Stripe Man GP, Stripe Lady GP, and Top Sport GP for both him and her in a variety of sizes.