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Motorcycle Leather Gloves

Helmet. Check. Jacket. Check. Gloves?

Gloves are just as important as other safety gear when it comes to motorcycle riding. Being a responsible motorcycle rider, don't overlook the risk of hand injuries and never make gloves  optional.

In the event of an accident, hands can sustain serious damage that may include abrasions, cuts, bruises, grazing, and even broken fingers. Have you ever noticed, during a fall, a rider instinctively puts his hands out to break the fall and avoid collision? By wearing gloves, you can reduce the risk of hand injuries.

Motorcycle leather gloves differ from regular gloves in a number of ways. They offer better protection and control to motorcyclists. They also provide protection from dust, water, wind and sweat.

With so many different styles of gloves out there, finding the right pair can be difficult.  < a href="https://www.maximomoto.com/us/rtech-prima-gloves/">Leather gloves are the most common, available in a range of sizes, styles, and colors.

Here are some other points to consider when selecting motorcycle gloves:

What to look for in motorcycle gloves?

There is no single manufacturing standard when it comes to leather biker gloves. There are different gloves for different seasons. Here are a couple:

Summer motorcycle glovesThese gloves are designed to keep hands ventilated and cool during hot summer. The padding is limited to certain areas of the hand that may be more vulnerable to injuries, keeping a balance between protection and ventilation.

Multi-season motorcycle gloves These gloves can be great for spring, mild winter and fall. They are slightly thicker than summer gloves and offer more insulation.

Winter motorcycle gloves These are thicker and weigh more as compared to other motorcycle gloves. The gloves come with sufficient padding and insulation, to retain heat and offer maximum protection to riders.

Glove material

When buying motorbike leather gloves, find out what kind of leather has been used. Try to go for real leather instead of synthetic leather as it will offer more protection.

Fitting - Make sure the glove fits snugly. Gloves that are too tight may restrict blood flow to fingers. The length of the glove should be enough to cover your palm, going all the way to your wrist.

Padding - Padding is one of the main features designed to absorb and cushion impact. Check for padding on the knuckle and palm area.

Flexibility - Choose a glove that is flexible and comfortable. The perfect motorcycle glove should be flexible enough for you to easily move your hand. You should not have to worry about taking off your glove every time you need something from your pocket.

Waterproof lining - Most leather gloves have a lining on the inside to absorb sweat and offer more grip. Leather itself may not be waterproof, so always check for waterproof lining. Some gloves have removable lining that can be taken out when needed.

Anti-slip grip features - Check to see if the gloves have anti-slip padding. This will help give riders a firm grip, reducing the risk of accidents.

Wrist straps - The right wrist strap will help improve your grip. You can choose from velcro closures, elastic straps, and zip closures.

Reflective material - Getting a glove with reflective strips sewn in will help with visibility at night.

Seams and Stitching - When selecting a motorcycle glove, don't forget to check the stitching.  The seams should be tight and straight. Low quality gloves usually have visible seams that may shred when scraped.

These tips will be useful in finding the perfect pair of motorcycle leather gloves.

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