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Motorcycle Leather Boots

5 Considerations when buying leather motorcycle boots

When riding a bike, your feet are the closest to the ground. If the bike starts to get out of your control, it is pure instinct to brace yourself by sticking out a leg. But your feet aren't meant to take this kind of sudden pressure. Footwear, therefore, is crucial to your safety when it comes to bike riding.

What NOT to wear?

Before we get on to what sort of leather motorcycle boots you should wear, you need to know the two categories of shoes you should most certainly avoid, especially if riding is your game:

  • Sandals, flip-flops or slippers are nearly as bad as going barefoot
  • Sneakers and tennis shoes might be comfortable, but they are not good for protection

What to Look For?

Motorcycle boots need to be a perfect mix of protection, comfort and style. Depending on the sort of rider you are, your needs will vary. For instance, a cruiser or a touring rider won't require the kind of protection a hardcore racer might. Cruisers would be more interested in comfort, whereas racing enthusiasts would like their boots to be lightweight that offer maximum protection.


The ideal boot would at least reach up to the middle of the calf and offer a firm grip near the top. A safe choice in this case could be Maximo Moto's Spyke Collection, offering Cliff WP Boots, Trophy WP Boots, Totem 2.0 Boots or any of the high top boots in the collection.

Half boots are also a viable option in men's leather motorcycle boots. Even though they are smaller in size, reaching up to or a little above the ankles, they offer adequate protection. AGVSPORT's Balzano Boot and Teramo Boot are among the many options you can find at Maximo Moto.


A motorcycle boot's material is not the same as that of a normal shoe. Where regular shoes are made out of canvas or flexible leather, motorcycle boots use a thicker and stronger variety of leather called the PU bonded leather. It offers greater abrasion resistance.


Closures are an important component in keeping the rider's foot safe, dry and warm. Adjustable buckle closure systems with zippers allow you to firmly fasten the boot to your foot, and protect it against accidental or weather related hazards.


Motorcycle leather boots could have the best quality materials, but shoddy workmanship would make them pretty much pointless. This is an important aspect, so do some research on it. One thing to look out for is double stitching and the sole, which should ideally be sewed on, rather than glued.

How it Fits

When trying it on, pay special attention to the fitting. Make sure it is snug to the heel, without suffocating the entire foot. Keep in mind that leather stretches with time. So if the boot is snug now, it will stretch out over time. If you are buying online, check out the size guide in detail, since sizes might vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Buying motorcycle boots is not a straightforward process. It requires you to know your exact need. Research would help you select the right boot.