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Whether you're are a newbie or a professional motorcyclist, wearing the right motorcycle gear is absolutely necessary. The right set of pants, helmet, jacket, and gloves keeps riders safe and secure. With so many motorcycle gear companies out there, finding the right place to shop for gear can be tricky and confusing. Most riders look for gear that matches their style of riding without compromising on safety.

4 Riders Products at Maximo Moto

At Maximo Moto, you can find a wide range of 4 Riders branded motorcycle gear. 4 Riders offers high quality motorcycle gear that reflect both style and safety. You can search through an exclusive range of motorcycle leather boots offered by 4 Riders. Here are the four main types of 4 Riders leather boots available at Maximo Moto:

Racing Boot

These boots are made from high quality leather and come with polyester lining, shin area protection, rubber sole, and Velcro flap closure.

Boot Always

These boots are water resistant and made of fine leather. You can find ankle protection, flap Velcro closure, zippers, and reflectors for safety in these boots.

Air Stream Boots

Made from bonded leather and mesh fabric, these boots come with the following features: polyester lining, rubber sole, TPU gear shift panel and more.

Chopper Boots

If you own a chopper, these boots will be perfect for you. These are water resistant, come with adjustable straps, and are made from bonded leather.

How to Select the Right Motorcycle Boots

There are a number of factors you need to consider when selecting motorcycle boots. The following points will help:

Your Purpose

first identify your ride. Shoes for dirt bike riders will be different from those who ride choppers.


Some boots provide cover above the ankle and the shin area while some boots just barely cover the ankle. Depending on your ride, select boots that offer maximum protection.


Many boots come with protective padding. Go for boots that offer protection to vulnerable parts of your feet.


Always try on boots before buying them. Motorcycle boots should be a snug fit.


Leather boots are among  the most popular material. However, you can also consider other light-weight and ventilated materials. Motorcycle gear is all about riding safe and riding in style. At Maximo Moto, you can find gear that'll match both your budget and style.