Whether it’s a hobby, passion or a necessity, motorcycle riding has always invoked strong emotions in riders. Freedom, exhilaration, thrill of the unknown and sometimes fear, when you experience these you can be sure that you’re not alone and there are many riders just like you out there who feel the same.

To find out what emotions resonate with motorcycle riders, here is your chance.  Share with us - Why Do You Ride? And let other riders know what fires up your passion for riding.

 To get you started, here is why Dave and Rick ride.


Reason #1: Why I ride…

Because riding is the best therapy ever why-do-you-ride

Reason #2: Why I ride…

Because of the people you meet why do you ride


You can post your reason in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • Try and keep you reason short and to-the-point. (10 words or less)
  • Mention your name and location if you’d like credit for your quote
  • Share as many reasons as you like, even if someone has already shared it
  • Feel free to comment on other riders reasons   

Let us know what drives your passion. Have Fun and Be Safe!