It may sound like a cliché or even romanticizing an otherwise regular activity but several surveys have shown that motorcyclists are a happy bunch.For instance, a survey conducted by ICM on behalf of BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine concluded that motorcycling as a hobby made people the happiest.And a gender-centric survey on the confidence levels of women showed that women who have a motorcycle in their lives are much happier.

So what makes motorcyclists a happy bunch, let’s find out! 

Decoding Happiness

Happiness doesn’t happen without a reason - there’s got to be something that makes motorcycle riders a happy lot. The reasons, however, are different for each motorcycle rider – for some it’s their ride, the partner they ride with, the freedom, the landscape, you name it. For others, it’s the following.  

Calling Timeout - Being on a bike allows you to cut yourself off from the digital world. There is no texting, phone calls or e mails when you’re on the road. You get the opportunity to experience nature first hand where you have front row seats to the greatest show on earth. Most riders prefer to ride without music, for them the sound of their bike is as soothing as Mozart.

Experiencing Nature - In a car, you experience nature through a lens – windshield and window. However, on a bike, it’s a different ball game altogether. The nature and landscape encompasses you and you start noticing the fine details – the different shades of the rolling hills in autumn and how the temperature changes as soon as you get some cloud cover. Magic happens when you leave your comfort zone, you can only experience nature when you ditch the car and get on a bike.


Believe In Your Self why are motorcyclists such a Happy bunch maximomoto

Believe In Your Self – A Harley Davidson study concluded that women who ride are twice as likely to feel confident as compared to those who don’t. They are also twice as likely to feel “extremely satisfied’ with their appearance. Being confident and satisfied are some of the common traits found in women who ride.

Therapeutic value – Some go for a run, whereas others meditate, life can get tough if you don’t take a break. From Breakups to petty arguments with loved ones, riding a bike can help you clear your mind. Everyone deserves a break. Some do it by having a smoke, while others get on their bikes and ride. Many riders consider their bikes and the open road to be the best therapist ever.

Sense of Freedom - This is perhaps the biggest reason why riders ride. Freedom of the mind, body and soul, being able to do whatever you want and go anywhere that your heart desires. This idea of independence is what most riders associate their bike riding experiences with.

To boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before - Since a bike is smaller than a car, bus or truck, it can go places where its four wheel counterparts cannot.  Some habitual riders intentionally take longer routes to their destination. This not only helps them avoid traffic, but also allows them to savor and absorb every moment. 


Sense of community why are motorcyclists such a Happy bunch maximomoto


Sense of community – Just like the moments spent with family and friends give you a sense of warmth and genuine happiness, bike riders feel the same about their riding family. Sharing their routines and talking about their interests, group of riders converge on highway eateries and watering holes. This feeling of togetherness and sense of community makes them a unique and happy bunch.

The ‘Coolness’ Factor - You’ll rarely find a rider who started riding just to look cool. Even though the gear and the bike is enough to make you stand out, it’s the stories and the experiences that seal the deal. Leather may look great, but you’ll never look - sitting in your motorcycle gear telling of the time when you had a moment of pure nirvana on top of the Grand Canyon to a group at a bar - great.

Happiness is subjective. What makes one person happy might not have the same affect on the other. But there are some emotions that resonate with us all.  Motorcyclists are like that – universally cool.  

Ever got that feeling of freedom, openness and just pure bliss while riding your bike? Maybe it’s the nature around you or the machine you’re on, but the feeling of absolute joy is definitely there.

Many riders say that motorcycling is an exhilarating experience. Have you felt the same?