According to a survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, 28% of Americans don’t like gift shopping. In the same survey 19% dread getting a disappointing gift. The holidays can be stressful for a number of reasons - 68% dreading crowds and long lines, 37% getting into debt and 25% hating travel. What if it didn’t have to be this stressful?

What if you could get gifts everyone would love, without having to stand in long lines, delivered right at your doorstep and at discounts that wouldn’t leave you broke. How does that sound?

For all the revheads in your life, here is what Maximo Moto has on offer for Christmas 2015.   

Everyone knows motorcycle gear not only protects riders from the elements, it can also save their lives. This is why Maximo Moto only stocks motorcycle gear from the most reliable manufacturers.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 

Everyone knows motorcycle gear not only protects riders from the elements, it can also save their lives. This is why Maximo Moto only stocks motorcycle gear from the most reliable manufacturers. 


 1- Spyke Top Sport Mix Kangaroo Leather Motorcycle Suits for Men

Why Buy This?This suit is the ultimate armor for a motorcyclist, offering protection against a number of elements on the road. Get this and the slippery roads this winter don’t need to be so intimidating.

  • Comfortable and tough
  • Available in different colors and styles
  • 29% discount

2- Spyke Stripe GP Leather Motorcycle Jackets for Men

This simple and classy Spyke jacket strikes the perfect balance between formal and casual wear. The thick high quality leather outer offers ideal protection against both weather and 

accidents, all the while making the rider look super cool.


Why Buy This?

  • It looks incredibly stylish
  • Removable shoulder pads and wrist closure
  • 50% discount


3- Spyke Totem 2.0 Leather Motorcycle Boots

These black and white boots make an awesome accessory both on and off the bike. It will help keep your feet warm, comfortable and most importantly, safe. In short, it is the ideal Christmas gift for a rider. The polyester lining inside and the bonded leather on the outside make the boots a beautiful yet useful gift for Christmas.

 Why Buy This?

  • Tough, protective and stylish
  • 30% discount


4- Zero Classico Leather Motorcycle Gloves for Men

Riding in the winters is not easy, especially if you are not fully packed from head to toe. And hands are usually the one that face the brunt of chilly weather. Don’t let your loved ones’ hands freeze this season. Get them PU leather gloves that come with reinforced layers and carbon knuckle protection.

Why Buy This?

  • Ideal for both winter and summer riding
  • 48% discount



5- Shiro SH-335 Carbono Carbono Motorcycle Helmet

Helmet is a critical part of motorcycle gear.  Take one look at the Shiro motorcycle helmet and you know it’ll keep you safe. Its aerodynamic construction offers ventilation, making it perfect for all seasons.

Why Buy This?

  • Soundproof with a stylish ‘racer’ outlook
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog, with a large viewing area
  • 23% discount


Christmas Gifts for Women Riders

When it comes to motorcycle gear, let’s not forget women riders. If your wife, sister, niece or friend is a biker, Christmas would be the perfect time to give them something they are guaranteed to love and actually make use of.


1- Spyke Kaver DIV Leather Motorcycle Suits for Women

These motorcycle racing suits are specifically designed to protect female riders. Not only do they offer protection against weather and impact, they also make the rider look exceptionally stylish.

Why Buy This?

  • Perfect blend of material, construction, performance and comfort
  • Fits perfectly and comfortably
  • 44% discount



One look at these boots and you know that they’ll make a perfect gift. But what the first glance won’t tell you is that these boots are big on protection. The waterproof construction in particular is ideal for chilly wet winters. And the rubber sole and zippers make the overall fit absolutely perfect.


Why Buy This?

  • Fashionable, safe and comfortable
  • 38% discount
  • Rubber sole, provides ideal grip on slippery winter roads


3- Spyke Stripe GP Leather Motorcycle Jackets for Women

This is the ideal Christmas gift for a woman who loves to ride. Made out of high quality leather (which happens to be 0.9-1mm thick) and protective features all over, you can make sure your loved ones ride in peace. 

Why Buy This?

  • Available at a great price
  • 50% discount
  • Seamless, sleek finish


4- Motorcycle Leather Gloves (Spyke Sport Touring Short) 


A biker’s hands must be protected, period. It doesn’t matter whether the biker is a male or female; protecting your hands matters. And what if there is a pair of gloves, which protects as well as makes a fashion statement. These calf leather, shock absorbing, tastefully designed gloves are the perfect combination for women. From reinforced panels on the palm and little finger, to the abrasion resistant reinforcements on the wrist area, these gloves offer the complete package.

Why Buy This?

  • Stylish outlook
  • 41% discount
  • Perfect for winters


5- Shiro SH-90 Bicolor Motorcycle Helmet

How about getting your loved ones a helmet that not only protects them during slips and falls but also from the harmful rays of the sun? You would think that just because you can’t see the sun in the winters, it means that you don’t have to worry about UV rays. The fact of the matter is, harmful rays are still very much a genuine concern even in the winters. So buying a helmet that offers protection makes more sense than anything.

Why Buy This?

  • Easy to wash – comfortable and breathable
  • Anti-scratch
  • 23% discount





Christmas shopping doesn’t need to be stressful anymore especially with Maximo Moto. With amazing discounts on high quality products, you have every reason to get your loved ones gifts that say ‘Merry Christmas’ with warmth, comfort, safety and love!