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For motorcyclists, riding means a lot of things. It is not only a mode of transportation, but also a lifelong hobby, a profession, a time out and in some cases, a vehicle to self-discovery. However, the one thing most riders associate with is its community.

For riders, everything that supports or contributes positively towards this community deserves a nod of appreciation – a motorcycle round of applause if you may.

Here is a list of 10 things that are worthy of a motorcycle round of applause:

1) - Bikers who wave regardless of what they ride

The motorcycle wave is no less than a mystery in itself. The meaning of the wave, along with who, when and to whom it should be made to, has been a topic of discussion among motorcyclists. Some believe that riders of similar motorcycles should wave at each other, while others prefer to get specific by waving only to riders with the same make/model. Even though many differing opinions exist, there are riders who wave to everyone. For them, as long as it is a motorcycle, the person on it deserves a friendly wave.

It’s these riders who truly deserve a motorcycle round of applause for realizing that riding is all about the experience and not about how expensive or fancy your bike is. 

2) - States that promote Motorcycle Awareness and Safety

In May of every year, Minnesota and Georgia celebrate the Motorcycle Awareness Month. Budget is allocated to printing stickers, posters and advertisements promoting safety. More and more states around the country are waking up to the growing number of motorcycle fatalities and are taking measures to ensure safety.

These states must be appreciated for their efforts to make riding safer for motorcyclists, as well as other drivers on the road.  

3) - Motorcycle Advocacy Groups

Whether it’s the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) or smaller groups like the American Brotherhood against Totalitarian Enactments (ABATE), advocacy groups are the true heroes. They perform various functions that ensure safeguarding of the individual rights and freedoms of riders. They also keep an eye out for legal changes.

These groups should be given due appreciation for fighting for the rights of all motorcyclists - and this too at a level that many find inaccessible. It is true when the AMA says ‘An organized minority can always beat an unorganized majority’  

Motorcycle friendly cities   

4) – Friendly Cities

According to the LA Times, the median income for motorcyclists in California was $64,130 in 2012. This figure is more than twice of what it was in 1990. More than 50% of motorcyclists in the state of California went to college with around 20% having done post graduate work. With such credentials, cities all over the country are now instituting motorcycle friendly laws to attract this demographic. However, this is not the case all the time. For instance, a group of fund-raising riders had to change their route when a town opposed its passing through. Fights and arguments have erupted numerous times between event planners and municipalities, such as those with the city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, over the Annual Spring Biker Rally.

In face of such opposition, motorcyclists tip their hats to the cities that do show support for them and welcome them with arms wide open.

5) – Bikers against Child Abuse

Now here is a story that makes every motorcyclist proud of its community. When a five year old mentally disabled girl in Albuquerque, New Mexico was assaulted, the Punishers, a motorcycle club, paid the girl a visit. The motorcycle group that consists mainly of firefighters, law enforcement and EMS personnel assured the little girl she had nothing to worry about. And that’s not all. With chapters all over the country, B.A.C.A. or Bikers Against Child Abuse have it in their charter to eliminate child abuse, empower children and promote a safe environment.

It’s these kinds of motorcycle groups that are actively changing perceptions and making a difference. They don’t deserve a round of applause but a standing ovation for the work they are doing. 

6) - TV Shows that celebrate Passion not the ratings

The secret to a great motorcycle show lies in how it is presented. For instance, the classic Biker Build Off on the Discovery Channel pits well-known motorcycle customizers against each other.  On the other hand, many television shows focus on creating unnecessary drama and conflict just for the sake of ratings.  

Motorcyclists give kudos to shows that respect the art of riding presented by those who truly love to ride.

7) - The Sincere Mechanic

A sincere mechanic is someone who respects the machine and who genuinely wants to fix it. These guys are the true unsung heroes who play the most important role behind the scenes for motorcyclists – they keep the machines up and running.

Whether it is their ability to do work for a fair price or their honesty about what actually needs to be done, without any ‘up-selling’, these guys are the true heroes for motorcyclists all over.

bike buddies_Maximo Moto Blog

8) – Loved ones who love to ride                                     

As with any passion, it only makes sense when you get to share it. And for riders, nothing makes them happier than to be able to share this passion with their loved ones. Riding serves as a unique bonding experience that allows the better half to see things from a different perspective. From long trips to lazy Sunday afternoon rides, the journey and companionship makes the experience all the more rich and satisfying.

So here is a kiss to all the loved ones who make motorcyclists look good by just being with them. 

9) - Bike Buddies

While riders all around the country love their communities, there are always a few who are not there when you really need them. On the other hand, some would make it their mission to ‘help a pal out’. Here is what Michael Brady, a seasoned rider has to say

While riding through Arkansas two years ago I stopped to help two riders on Harley. The first thing the guy said was, why would you stop for me? "Cause no one gets left behind", turns out his fuel line was damaged. So I go into my trailer, and pull out a piece of clean flex hose, off my little 1/3 HP water pump. It was bigger than his, but we got it over his hose, and got it clamped on to the petcock, and the fuel didn't leak any more.

I will stop to help you no matter who you are. If you need me I'm Here.

So here’s a shout out to Brady and many like him who’re not afraid of a little elbow grease when the occasion calls for it.

Maximo Moto Blog - 2 wheel 1 engine 

10) - Two Wheels, One Engine and the Open Road

The wind in the face, tank full of gas and miles of endless asphalt ahead - this is what every rider lives and breathes for. Non-riders would never understand the pure unadulterated joy a motorcycle gives. Styles may change, manufacturers may come out with newer motorcycle models, riding gear may become safer, but the one thing that won’t change, is the joy of riding.

Each of these deserves a motorcycle round of applause for how they support riders and the community. Motorcyclists, like any other community, show great appreciation for all those, who in one way or the other, support and facilitate their riding habits and lifestyle.

So here’s to all those motorcyclists, you guys make it all worth it!