With the British Grand Prix just around the corner, all eyes will be on Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo. Lorenzo has finally caught up with his Yamaha teammate and the two are tied at 211 points each ahead of the twelfth race of the season. With only seven more races to go, it seems very likely that this year’s championship will go down to the wire; so expect both riders to gun hard for the win.

 The Czech Grand Prix, which Lorenzo won quite convincingly, gave the Spaniard his fifth win of the season. Rossi finished third and the seven time Champion ensured he maintained his 2015 record of podium finishes.

 Following the race, Rossi accepted he never really got into rhythm, mostly because he opted for hard tyres at the front and rear. These did not allow his motorcycle to properly grip the track and he never achieved the momentum he hoped for.

 Lorenzo, on the other hand, opted for a medium rear tyre, which allowed him a better grip on the track. This crucial decision helped him out pace everyone else. Even though, second placed Marquez matched Lorenzo’s searing speed early on, but eventually fell behind as his hard rear tyre couldn't keep up.

 Rossi has acknowledged he needs to step up his game to compete against Lorenzo’s late surge. He said,

Jorge after the summer break has come back in fantastic shape and done two fantastic races, also in Indy because he fought with Marc until the last lap. I know that for a fight with him for the championship, to arrive in Valencia fighting for the championship, I have to be stronger and try to go faster."

Lorenzo on the other hand has acknowledged Rossi’s consistency over the season and called his consecutive podium finishes as “incredible”. According to him,

It’s incredible that Valentino is always on the podium. He has a consistency I’ve never seen from him even when he was winning so many races [in the past]. For me this is difficult because I win more races but I have the same number of points as him.”

With the fate of the Moto GP Championship delicately poised on a knife’s edge, the next race in England will be critically important. Rossi has the most wins at the British Grand Prix, but all of his victories came at the Doncaster Speedway. The race is now at the Silverstone Circuit, and the track is a tricky one to tackle.

 According to Rossi, Silverstone is a great track, but very difficult. He further said “Last year I did quite a good race, and the weather conditions are colder there, maybe rain. We hope for a good weekend and do the maximum.”

 Lorenzo on the other hand has three wins to his name on the Silverstone Circuit, with two of those coming in his Championship winning years - 2010 & 2012. His third victory came in 2013.

Both riders registered podium finishes last year, with Lorenzo coming second and Rossi finishing third. So they know exactly what to expect from each other. The million dollar question is, can Rossi somehow stop his teammate's momentum and pull ahead in the points table once again. Or will Lorenzo complete his remarkable comeback and take a points lead for the first time this season? 

It'll all unravel on Aug 30.