This year’s MotoGP championship will be like no other - two of the world’s leading riders will face each other off for the top position. Watch live as history unfolds on November 8 at the Circuito de la Comunitat, Valencia, Spain.

First things first, a little about the circuit - completed in 1999, Circuito de la Comunitat is a tribute to Rocardo Tormo, the two time Grand Prix champion. With 5 right-handed corners, a 650 straight and 8 left-handed corners, this 4km long track is full of challenges that will surely make the 2015 MotoGP™ Championship a thrilling spectacle.

With a capacity to hold up to 150,000 cheering fans, The Circuito de la Comunitat is considered to be a tough venue to decide this year’s MotoGP™ Championship.

The Epic Title Race: ‘The Doctor’ vs. ‘X-Fuera’

With only 7 points and the smallest margin separating any two leaders since 1992, the race will be one of the most exciting yet tense in MotoGP™’s history. Both riders are known for their unparalleled skills and competitive streak.

With  over 86 wins, Valentino Rossi, also known as “The Doctor” stands first in all time 500 cc/MotoGP™ standings. The Italian, however, received a three-point penalty this year for his collision with Marc Marquez at the Malaysian Grand Prix. The unexpected incident not only pulled Marquez out of the race but gave Rossi a third spot behind Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa in the upcoming final race.

Rossi’s nemesis, Jorge Lorenzo won the 2010 and 2012 MotoGP™ championship. For the past seven years, the young Spaniard has given Rossi a tough time. With talent that needs no introduction, the November 8 race will be a great opportunity for Lorenzo to pull ahead and silence his critics once and for all.

Who will win?

MotoGP™ fans are already hedging their bets on this million dollar question.  Though we do not have a crystal ball,  it is certain that if both riders win on equal points, Lorenzo will take the Championship as he has had more wins this year.

Here are the potential outcomes –

1) - If Lorenzo and Rossi both finish on the same points, Lorenzo will be champion as he has more wins in 2015

2) - In case of a Lorenzo win, Rossi needs to finish second to win the championship

3) – In case Lorenzo finishes second, Rossi needs to finish on the podium to become world champion

4) – In case Lorenzo finishes third, Rossi needs to finish sixth or higher to win the championship

5) – In case Lorenzo finishes fourth, Rossi needs to finish ninth or higher to win the championship

6) - In case Lorenzo finishes fifth, Rossi needs to finish no more than six places behind to win the championship

No matter what the scenarios, the November 8 race promises to be one for the history books. MotoGP fans will have something to cheer about when it all unfolds at the  Circuito de la Comunitat Valencia, Spain.

On Sunday, November 8, 2015, Jorge Lorenzo bagged his third MotoGP world title at the Valencia Grand Prix. However the title didn’t come without controversy and accusations.

Even though Rossi went into the final race seven points clear of Lorenzo, he had to suffer a major setback by having to start in the last place due to a penalty. He started at the back of the grid, with his sole title rival Lorenzo at pole position.

The race was overshadowed by controversy since Malaysia, where Rossi allegedly kicked Marquez off his bike. Later Rossi denied the allegations, stating that the Spaniard was attempting to sabotage his title hopes. Nevertheless, the penalty was imposed and a bid to persuade the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to overturn failed.

The race itself was relatively uneventful with Lorenzo leading from the start, while Rossi climbed as far as he could. The Italian finished 19.7 seconds behind the winner and Lorenzo beat Marquez by only 0.2 seconds.

The winners were crowned at the podium amidst cheers, whistles and a few boos from the 110,000 fans in attendance.