As of Oct 6, 2015, this is where the leaders stand. Andrea Lannone with his Ducati stands a comfortable 29 points clear off Brit Bradley Smith. Then we have the talented Spaniard Mark Marquez with a 12 point lead over Lannone. However, as Friday Oct 9 approaches, the beautiful 4.8 km twin ring circuit at Motegi Japan will see two very talented riders go head to head.

Only 14 points separate Rossi and Lorenzo. With Rossi in the lead, both riders will need to turn in a disciplined performance to establish their dominance.

Starting with the contender Jorge Lorenzo. Standing 5’7 feet tall, weighing 146 lbs, the Spaniard has two MotoGP championships to his name (2010, 2012). He is competitive, aggressive and favors getting his body position lower to the ground. This is mainly due to Lorenzo’s effort to adapt to Yamaha’s superior handling features. Lorenzo recently has also started having his elbow on the ground with his head dropped down and body forward when turning. This not only seems to allow him to increase the angle with his right wrist but may also be the deciding factor on Oct 9.

Then we have the leader Valentino Rossi. Standing 6’0 feet tall, weighing 148 lbs, Rossi not only has 6 MotoGP championships to his name, he is also more experienced and adaptive. Rossi, after his short stint at Ducati in 2011 – 2012 had some troubles with the Yamaha. It didn’t take him long to get used to a Yamaha again however, it was the riding style more than the machine he was worried about. Marquez, by that time had discovered a new way to get around corners – without employing the set 55 year old Mike Hailwood knee down style. How did he do that? By exploiting Bridgestone’s remarkable grip on the track. Seeing the new kids trying out new things, Rossi did what every champion would do, he adapted.

With both Rossi and Lorenzo suffering with slight injuries, Lorenzo has the psychological advantage at Montegi. Rossi’s last win at Montegi came in 2008 while Lorenzi beat Rossi in 2014 on the same track. With Rossi saying ‘I’ll have to give my all’, there is no doubt the Montegi track will witness a great race on Friday.