murphy's laws for motorcycles


Have you ever heard of Murphy’s Law? The old adage essentially states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.And boy does this ring true for motorcycles.

In some form or the other, this almost perverse concept appears to have been around since time immemorial. It may sound like a pessimist’s motto, but Murphy’s Law has an uncanny ability to follow through on its promise, time and time again.

Here’s a list of some of the ‘not so’ great things that are likely to happen if you own a motorcycle.


If you’re going to fall, an audience absolutely must be present.

Falling from your motorcycle is no fun; one it’s an absolute pain in the butt (no pun intended), and two, it’s certainly not good for your ego! According to Murphy’s Law, your chances of falling increase tenfold if there are a considerable number of people watching or if you have a large ego. For those of you who’ve just bought a new and very expensive bike, your odds of falling over are even worse!

It looks like humpy dumpty isn’t the only one prone to great big falls.



Once you’ve put on all of your gear, rest assured Nature will Call

Anyone who’s had to put on motorcycle gear knows how time consuming it can be. Protective gear can include everything from motorcycle pants, suits, jackets, padding, protectors, boots, gloves, and a helmet. Once you’ve gone through the entire arduous process of carefully tightening and securing your gear on your body, you’ll feel the unmistakable urge to use the toilet.

Or, if the universe is feeling particularly punitive, you’ll realize the keys to your bike are in your pant pockets underneath layers of motorcycle gear.



 The day you forget your rain gear is the day when it will absolutely, without a doubt, rain

Ah, what a perfect day to ride! Not a cloud in sight and no rain forecasted!

With that cheery outlook, you head out the door without donning any of your rain gear. Because why on Earth would you take extra gear if you don’t need it, right?

But the universe has a very peculiar sense of humor. Just as you don your helmet and cruise down the road singing ‘Born to Be Wild’ you’ll see the first few drops of rain splatter across your visor.

Give it another couple of seconds and you’ll be soaked to the skin in no time.



 Do you think chances of a bug flying into your mouth while riding are slim? Think again.

Bugs flying into a rider’s mouth, landing in their eyes, or splattering across their visors is just something that happens in movies, right?

If only that were true!

Murphy’s Law clearly states, you’re likely to get a serving of bugs if you don’t keep your mouth closed and your helmet on.


‘That looks like a quick fix’ becomes the joke of the century.

Your bike decides to play up while you’re out riding. You look at what seems to be the problem and come to the conclusion that it looks like a quick fix.

Joke’s on you my friend. Prepare to be doubled over trying to fix your motorcycle till the sun is ready to sink below the horizon.


Left your repair kit at home? Expect a flat tire

Days when you decide to leave your repair kit at home just because you don’t want to carry the extra weight, is the day you’ll probably end up with a flat tire.

Now there you are, standing on the side of an empty road, unable to move because you thought of all the days, today was the day you didn’t need your repair kit.

Why Murphy’s Law, WHY?!  


You know those parts you need urgently? It would be a Shame if they were on backorder

You find that there are certain parts you’re in urgent need of for your motorcycle. You call your local store and check online, and what do you know: the parts are on backorder. Everywhere.

You might want to sit back and take a deep breath. Getting those parts could take some time. Till then it’s the Good Old Subway or maybe Uber.



Trying to fix one thing? Prepare to do a handful of repairs instead.

You know how when trying to fix one thing on your bike leads to you fixing other things. It’s like this one problem suddenly gives birth to a litter of dozen other small problems. This is what Murphy’s Law is all about.

When you get around to fixing that one problem though, you realize that there’s actually a lot more that’s wrong with your bike than you thought.

Be prepared to do a whole lot of repairing!


The day you clean your bike, it is guaranteed to get Dirty.

Cleaning your bike takes time; you need to get all the dirt and gunk out of every little crevice and make your prized possession shine.

After all that hard work, you decide to take it out for a spin. After all, the day looks pretty clear, what could go wrong?

Apparently everything: you inadvertently drive into a puddle, a car sprays you, or a bird decides that your bike is the perfect place for it to relieve itself.

And you’re back to square one!


 Running out of gas? All of a sudden there are no gas stations in sight

Are you running out of gas? Well, good luck finding a gas station. Sure, there may have been loads of gas stations a few miles back but now that you actually need one, there will be none in sight. And, if you are lucky enough to come across one, somehow, miraculously, it’ll be closed, even though it’s the middle of the day!


There’s no use fighting Murphy’s Law as it clearly states, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Instead, it’s probably just better to be aware of how Murphy’s Law works. That way, maybe you’ll think twice about forgetting your tools or gear at home.

Have you ever been a victim of Murphy’s Law, share your story with us!