A motorcycle blog should accomplish two things and two things only: a) – Inform and educate, b) – Record experiences and answer questions. The reason why bike journalism doesn’t get much respect these days is because it is being regurgitated online by those who’ve never been on a bike. This, for starters, turns off the real riders, especially those who are looking for real information. It also misinforms, which could have dire consequences.

Now the question remains - how do you separate real from the noise? A motorcycle blog with the most visitors does not guarantee credibility. Or a blog with an impressive social media presence only confirms its popularity, not its sincerity. What real riders need information on is how to select the right gear based on their riding habits and how bad roads may actually be the real reason behind motorcycle accidents.

For all the right answers and expert insights into motorcycles and everything related to riding, Maximo Moto has selected the following blogs for you. These blogs are maintained by individuals who have years of experience on bikes. Bookmark them and make sure you check them out frequently to stay informed. 



If you are a bike enthusiast who likes to keep up with the coolest custom motorcycles from all over the world, BIKEEXIF is what you need. This online magazine showcases race bikes, style icons, scramblers and café racers several days a week.

2) - Cyril Huze Post

For those looking for the latest news and the most updated information, the Cyril Huze Post covers everything motorcycle related. This blog gives you all the information you need on custom bikes and the latest happenings within the motorcycle industry.

3) - WebBikeWorld

Motorcycle enthusiasts love to get technical. To stay on top of the latest equipment and gear, Web Bike World brings to you the most helpful product reviews. Check out this blog if you want advice on different motorcycle products.  

4) - Faster and Faster

If you want to get motorcycle news from around the world, reviews of the latest bikes and road test results, check out Faster and Faster. This blog has all the answers to your motorcycle related questions, directly from the experts.

5) - Pipeburn

Six years, 1100 bikes and 210,000 followers on Facebook later, Pipeburn is certainly a place where you can get updated information on custom bikes. Run by two Sydneysiders, Pipeburn provides the latest in motorcycling trends, news and updates.

6) - Tilted Horizons

Tilted Horizons is the embodiment of the raw experiences of a year round rider, combat commuter and all around moto-geek. Read more about Doug’s intriguing experiences here and learn some of the new ways in which you can enjoy your ride.

7) - Motorcycle Melee

Motorcycle Melee is a blog about the various stages of motorcycle riding in the life of blogger, web developer, US Air Force Officer and instructor at UMass. Rick Forristall has led an interesting life, dotted with different kinds of motorcycles and riding styles. Take a look at his interesting stories right here. You might end up learning a thing or two.

8) - Cool Cycle Dude

Owner of five really cool bikes, Bill Whitman, knows his way around riding and motorcycle gear. With over 40 years of riding under his belt, Whitman shares some of his priceless moments with you on his personal blog Cool Cycle Dude. Take a look.

9) - Bandit Rider

Interested in real stories and valuable experiences of an enthusiastic Kiwi, Bandit Rider is the blog you need to start following. What’s in it for you? Worthy lessons from an experienced rider, who happens to know quite a lot about bikes and can give you some valuable insights as well.

10) - Zen Motorcyclist

With countless riding experiences, Bud is the guy you need to listen to if you are going on a bike tour. With more than 125,000 miles of experience, Bud knows everything there is to know about motorcycling and everything that goes with it. Get on his blog to read about his experiences at Zen Motorcyclist.