motorcycle awareness month


May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. To draw attention to the dangers motorcyclists face on the road, state governments along with different motorcycle organizations take this opportunity to reiterate the importance of sensible road sharing.

Statistics indicate that motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in a crash than other motorists. Each year, the number of crashes and fatalities for motorcyclists is on the rise. Therefore, the safety of motorcyclists is a very urgent and important concern for everyone on the road.

Here are some safety tips for both motorcyclists and motorists alike to ensure that everyone stays in their lane.

Safety Tips for Motorcyclists to Keep in Mind

  •  Wear a Helmet – Your helmet can save your life. An essential piece of your safety gear, make sure you wear a DOT compliant helmet that fits.

  • Always use the right hand and turn signals – Whenever you need to make a turn, change lanes, or indicate a change in your direction to other riders, make sure you use your signals or the right universally known and accepted hand signals. This will avoid confusion and prevent crashes and accidents.

  • Make sure you have a valid license – Always keep your license up to date. Getting pulled over with a suspended or expired license is a serious offense.

  •  Make yourself visible on the road – When you’re riding, make sure you wear bright clothing and/or reflective tape in order to ensure that you are visible to all other drivers on the road – especially at night.

  • Drive in sight of other vehicles – Make sure you are in plain sight of others on the road. This will alert them of your presence and allow them to keep your safety in mind.

  • Be alert – Be aware of your surroundings. Always.

  • Don’t ride under the influence – This is a no brainer. When under the influence, you may think you’re in control. However, that’s not the case. Do not take any unnecessary risks. Get a cab.  

Safety Tips for Motorists to Keep in Mind

On the road, responsibility lies with all. This includes cars, trucks, SUVs, 18 wheelers. Here are a couple of safety tips for vehicles other than motorcycles 

  • Keep your distance – Always keep enough distance between you and a motorcyclist to allow them to maneuver, turn, or stop in the event of an emergency.

  • Respect everyone’s rights – The rights of all vehicles must be respected irrespective of their size. Make sure you allow motorcyclists to have the full width of the lane the entire time.

  • Beware of all blind spots and mirrors – Due to their size, motorcycles can be harder to spot than other vehicles. Before turning or switching lanes, always check your mirror and blind spots for any motorcycles.

  • Always use signals - Make sure other motorists on the road know when you intend to stop, or turn, etc. Use signals whenever necessary.

  • Be vigilant – Be aware of your surroundings and alert to the presence of other motorcyclists on the road.

  • Never drive impaired – If you’re not fit to drive, don’t get behind the wheel.  You’ll jeopardize everyone’s safety.

Following the above mentioned can go a long way in preventing accidents, crashes, and fatalities. Sharing the road means understanding that each and every motorist shares the responsibility of adhering to safety rules.

Celebrating Motorcycle Awareness Month in May does not mean that motorists can do whatever they want rest of the year. By paying attention to these important safety lessons, motorists can grasp the idea and concept of sharing the road.