Whether driving a car, riding a motorbike, or using any other means of transportation, there is always a possibility of an accident. Accidents can be a result of technical malfunctions or a gross error by you or the other driver on the road, etc.Even though these may be some of the common causes, sometimes road surfaces also do their part.

How Road Surfaces can Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Statistics show that a staggeringly large number of accidents and collisions can be attributed to road conditions.

 The condition of asphalt is adversely affected by a number of factors. For instance, severe weather conditions such as ice, snow, or torrential rain can wear away at the road and cause potholes or cracking.  Furthermore, if you live where winters get harsh with snow, the roads can get especially dangerous when ice and snow thaws, seeping into the cracks, causing them to expand. This can create deeper and more dangerous pot holes. This is in addition to slippery and icy roads.

The Data on Accidents Attributable to Road Surfaces

In order to understand the threat that the road conditions pose to motorcyclists, it’s important to look at data and statistics relating to crashes, collisions, and accidents.

AA, one of the leading insurance providers, has released data which points to the reality of deteriorating road conditions. The data reveals that since 2012, the quality of road surfaces across the country has declined exponentially. In a survey conducted of AA members, about one third of the participants said that the quality of the roads in their area was terrible, very poor, or poor. Only about one tenth of the participants said that the road quality in their neighborhood or area was good or excellent. This makes it incredibly likely that many more motorcycle accidents can be attributed to the state of the roads.

Accidents & Compensation Claims

Due to steadily increasing road accidents, there has been an increase in motorcycle accident compensation claims as well. Most of these claims emerge from damage done by potholes. In fact, about one third of the people surveyed stated that their vehicles had been damaged because of potholes at some point in the past two years.

Can Manufacturers Help?

Despite the fact that motorcycle design may not cause accidents, many manufacturers are taking steps to improve the safety features of their bikes. To make motorcycles a safer mode of transportation, manufacturers have introduced safety features such as anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and traction control systems. The latter can be particularly helpful on bad roads because it reduces the braking distance and even improves the amount of control a motorcyclist has over their bike.

What to do in a Road Related Accident Case

It goes without saying that poor road conditions require extra careful riding.  Potholes can lead to serious accidents especially at higher speeds.

In the event of an accident due to bad road conditions, you may be able to claim compensation. A motorcycle accident compensation lawyer is a professional who would be able to take on your case and determine who can be held liable for the condition of the road. They are also in the best position to tell you what the chances of success are. In certain cases, compensation claims can be leveled against the local highway authority. These bodies are typically required to inspect roads and in the event of bad road conditions, they are responsible for repairs.

Riders shouldn’t only check their bikes before taking them out but also assess the quality of the road and adjust their speeds accordingly. Accidents, nevertheless, may still occur despite the best of efforts. For this reason, it’s important to be aware of the options for compensation which are available to you in the event of an accident.