Motorcycle boots – an important accessory for every rider!

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced motorbike rider, understanding the importance of footwear is crucial. Motorbike shoes are purpose-built, designed to protect and perform.

How are motorcycle boots different from regular boots?

Are you wondering why you need to have motorcycle boots and why can’t any regular ones do instead? According to a report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, lower extremity injuries were the most common in motorbike crashes. A good pair of motorbike boots could prevent leg and foot injuries in the event of a crash. Motorcycle boots usually come with rider-specific features, and most of these aren't visible. Here are some distinct features of motorcycle boots that set them apart from the regular ones:

  • molded ankle protection
  • increased torsional stiffness
  • oil-resistant soles
  • extra padding


No matter how experienced of a rider you are, never compromise on safety. 

With so many motorbike boot makers out there, choosing the right pair can be overwhelming and confusing.  You will be surprised to see how dynamic and complex the world of motorbike boots has become. From dirt-bike to street motorcycle boots, you can find almost every kind that fits a specific purpose, style, and budget!

What are your buying motorcycle boots?

The first step to buying motorcycle boots is determining the purpose of your ride.   Motorcycle boots are available for all kinds of riders. Ask yourself the following questions and narrow down your search:

  • Do you use your motorcycle for daily commute?
  • Are you looking for boots that can be worn all day at work?
  • Are you a recreational rider?
  • What kind of motorbike do you own?
  • How often do you ride?


If you ride your motorcycle to work everyday, you are probably looking for boots that go well under work clothes and provide comfort that lasts all day. On the other hand, if you are recreational dirt bike rider, your choice of motorcycle boots will focus on safety and high performance.

Types of motorcycle boots

There are several types of boots available for riders.  It can be useful to find out what different boots are available. Take a look at the following categories of motorcycle boots:

Cruiser Boots

They are like regular boots, designed for street-legal cruising and touring. If you ride your motorcycle to work everyday, cruiser boots can be a suitable option for you. 

Cruiser boots are usually ankle-high, and offer minimal protection as compared to other boots. However, these can be comfortable for every-day use. Here are some features to look out for:

  • thick rubber soles
  • anti-slip soles
  • ankle reinforcements
  • water-proof material

There are many different designs available in this category. You can choose from a range of materials including leather.

Touring boots

These boots are designed for long-distance riding. If you ride your motorbike over long distances, comfort is what you should be looking for. Touring boots are usually more flexible and have bendable soles. Here are some of the main features to consider:

  • 10-14 inches high
  • shin protector
  • dual ankle protection
  • anti-slip soles
  • waterproof and breathable
  • flexible

Off-road adventure boots

This refers to riding on uneven terrain and landscape. This form of motorcycle riding could be dangerous. If you are an off-road rider, you are more prone to injuries. Off road boots are designed to provide traction on dirt surfaces. These shoes provide protection against injuries without compromising on performance. Here are some features you are most likely to find in off-road boots:

  • flexibility
  • thicker soles
  • ankle and shin protection pads
  • steel toe end caps
  • 10-18 inches in length

Racing boots

Do you enjoy speed and like riding on racing tracks? You will need a good set of racing boots! These are durable and are built to give the highest performance on the track. Take a look at the following features:

  • side protectors
  • thicker soles
  • high cushioning and padding
  • shock absorbent pads
  • Durable

What to look for in motorcycle boots?

Shopping for the right boots can be a hassle if you are not sure what you are looking for. While costs and looks can be a determining factor, also consider safety and your needs. Here's what to look for in motorcycle boots:

Height - A motorcycle boot should at least provide cover and protection to your ankles. The height of the boot matters a lot if you are an off road motorcycle rider or a racer. They also provide protection to your lower limbs, feet, and ankles.

In the event of an accident, a boot that covers your ankle and lower leg may protect against injury.

Material - The material of the boot is important to consider when selecting a pair. The cheaper the material, the less durable it is likely to be. There are all kinds of materials used for boots. Most boots are made from treated leather. However, manufacturers are now using a wide variety of other materials that are light-weight and weather resistant.

For everyday use, leather motorcycle boots can a suitable choice. Remember that untreated leather boots are not water-resistant.  You can consider other abrasion- resistant materials if you are planning for off road motorcycle riding or racing.

Boot construction and closure - Check the stitching of the shoe and make sure the sole has been sewn on. Soles that are glued onto the shoe may not be durable. In case you have to drag your feet along the ground when breaking, bonded or glued on soles may come off.

Boot closure is another important factor to consider. You can choose between laces, zippers, buckles, and velcro. With laces, you can get a more precise fit however there is always a risk of getting tangled while riding.

Type of sole - This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying motorcycle boots.  A good sole provides flexibility and grip. You may want to go for a sole that is oil-resistant, offers maximum grip, and is suitable for your type of riding.

Does it fit you and your bike? - Go for a shoe size that is easy to slide onto your feet. However, make sure there is no space or vacuum between your feet and the shoe. Your foot should fit in snugly, not being too tight or too loose.

Another important point to remember is whether the boot fits your bike or not. Depending on the type of motorbike you have, a boot should not get in the way of riding. Thick pads may not fit between the foot control and gear shifter. Before finalizing your purchase, try on the shoes and go for a test run.

Armor - Extra padding and exterior armor is a must-have when selecting motorcycle boots. Most boots come with built-in armor that is placed around high-impact areas. For example, racing boots usually have steel plates fitted around the toe area. Different types of boots will come with different armor and padding, all designed to absorb pressure and minimize the risk of injury.

Weather protection - As a rider, you will be exposed to extreme weather. Go for motorbike boots that are weather resistant. Most boots are designed to keep out water and mud. You can also find boots that are manufactured from breathable materials which allow for ventilation and prevent sweaty feet.


The more information you have about motorcycle boots, the easier it will be for you to find the right pair. Motorcycle boots should provide you with maximum protection, offer high performance, and also compliment your ride.

So take your time browsing through all the options before you select a pair. You may also want to get some helpful information from experienced riders. Riding a motorbike is a skill, don’t let the “wrong choice of boots” get in the way of your fun.