Born in the walled city of Urbino on Feb 16, 1979, Valentino Rossi was destined for greatness from the start. His father, Graziano Rossi - a former motorcycle racer himself – was the reason behind young Valentino’s dream of racing which eventually paid off in the form of multiple championships. It’s been almost 37 years since the birth of this icon. With countless accolades – out of which 6 are world championships – and universal acclaim, it’s hard to imagine what this gifted athlete would want on his 37th birthday.

Perhaps a couple of quotes and facts that gives an insight into the talents of this brilliant athlete

In his own words:

On Riding – Riding a race bike is an art – a thing that you do because you feel something inside 

On Fame - Fame is a mixture of sweet and sour. The sweet taste are the advantages you get due to your fame, but it sometimes tastes sour because the moment you become famous you stop having the intimacy and peace you would like to enjoy

Favorite Rider - Kevin Schwantz was the one who impressed me most of all the riders of his generation. He was spectacular and brave, braked like nobody else and never resigned himself to the fact of finishing second

Favorite Athlete - Ronaldo, the soccer player. Because of his character, personality and professionalism, and because he is out of the ordinary

On Music - I like all music… rock, pop, Italian music and discotheque music too

On Himself - I think I’m above all a funny person, I like to have a good time and enjoy life, together with my friends and my family

Now here are a few interesting facts - not in his own words of course:

Marvel or DC – In 1999, Rossi created a superhero alter ego for himself and named it Valentinik

“The name Valentinik comes from a cosmic strip featuring Donald Duck (in Italian he is known as Paperino). In the story, he turns into Super Donald (or Paperinik), sporting a mask and cape. But he’s not a super-hero like Superman – actually, he’s doesn’t have any luck and wreaks havoc everywhere, but he is really funny and likeable. So that’s how “Valentinik” came into being”.

Mascot – One of Rossi’s favorite mascot is a turtle. He has turtle stickers on his Yamaha 800 cc bike

What if he never tried it? – In 2005, Rossi published his official autobiography ‘What if I had never tried it?’

Turning 37 this year, here is to a champion who defied all odds and came out on top year after year, race after race. Let’s hope his fans get to see more of him in the coming years.

Happy Birthday Valentino Rossi!

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