Image: Kim Stone Photography

The love of a father knows no bounds, and this story is a perfect example of that.

Aubrey’s father, 25 year old Hector Daniel Ferrer Alvarez, was shot to death before his daughter was born. An avid motorcycle enthusiast, Alvarez was ecstatic at the prospect of being a dad and even traded in his original sports bike for a much safer bike. "He was so excited just to be a daddy" Aubrey's mother Kathryn Seable Williams said that he was insistent on doing a newborn photo-shoot when she was born.

Sadly, tragedy struck the family when Alvarez was killed before he even got to meet his newborn princess. In an effort to cope with her heartbreaking loss, Williams decided to go to Kim Stone, a photographer who was also a close family friend. She brought along items that she wanted 3 week old Aubrey to be photographed with, including her father’s gloves and helmet.

Stone said Aubrey started smiling the minute she was placed in the gloves- "it was just so special. As soon as I put the glove on top of her, the baby started smiling."

Through tears, Williams said “It's a reminder that he's not here physically, but he will always be with us. He's always going to show her that he loves her."