Buying Motorcycle Is Not a Bad Investment


When it comes to safe investments, almost every financial analyst would agree on Art, Gold and Real Estate. Their second set of recommendations would be vintage cars and motorcycles. Even though these items can fetch a pretty penny and give their owners immense satisfaction, what many fail to realize is that not all investments are meant to return monetary gains. Sometimes they give what many would say is more precious than all the money in the world.

If you own a motorcycle, never think of it as a ‘means of transportation’. Your two-wheeler is actually doing more for you then you can imagine.

Here are five reasons that prove owning a motorcycle can never be a ‘Bad’ investment.

1) - Stress Reduction

The various demands of daily life are enough to make even the most Zen person suffer from some degree of stress. From work to family obligations, deadlines to meet, and bills to pay, the demands and pressure that you feel can really weigh you down.

That’s why it’s important for everyone to find a healthy ‘outlet’ in which to manage their stress levels. For some, the ideal way to combat stress is getting on their motorcycle. Numerous riders have stated that the minute they get on their bike, their worries and concerns disappear; in that moment, the only thing that matters is the engine beneath them and the open road ahead of them.

A 2014 Office for National Statistics report in the UK showed the effect of different forms of commuting on people’s well-being. The survey found that 87.9% of motorcycle riders were happier and more productive at work as compared to those who used other means of transport.

In addition, riding a motorcycle also releases endorphins, which will not only make you feel happier, but can also help improve your overall outlook on life.

2) - Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone & Meeting New People

An added advantage of motorcycle riding is the bond riders form.

There are numerous motorcycle clubs, forums, meet-up spots, and hangouts for riders. Here, you’ll be able to find all sorts of people who’ve been brought together by their love for riding. Meeting new people can help you step out of your comfort zone and make new friends. You’ll be interacting with riders from different walks of life, and you’ll have the opportunity to befriend people who you may have never met had it not been for your shared love of motorcycles.

3) - Getting Physically Fit

To ride a motorcycle, you need to be physically fit. Most motorcycles are heavy and require riders to have a certain amount of body strength to be able to control them. If you’re passionate about riding, it’ll serve as motivation for you to get in shape. Being physically fit isn’t just good for riding your bike; it’s also essential for a healthy productive life.

In the long run, riding a bike can do wonders for your health. These include improved strength, stronger knees and thighs, strengthened neck, and increased rate of calorie burn every time you ride.

Spend Time with Nature and Get Some Fresh Air

4) - New Experiences & Exploration

With a motorcycle at your disposal, you can set off on new adventures whenever you want. Depending on where you live, you can explore neighboring towns and districts, or rural areas nearby. If you’re looking to go on a new and exciting adventure, your motorcycle can take you there.

Whether you’re on the George Washington Highway north of the majestic Monongahela National Forest or the Needles Highways, Black Hills in South Dakota, your motorcycle will allow you to witness nature’s most brilliant masterpieces.

5) - Spend Time with Nature and Get Some Fresh Air

With lives becoming increasingly urbanized, many don’t get the chance to spend time out in nature on a regular basis. When you travel in a car, you’re not really experiencing nature; you’re still seeing everything through a lens. On a bike, however, you can experience the wind rushing past you, take in the scents and sounds of your surroundings, and get a much needed dose of fresh air.

Getting on your bike will also give you much needed sun exposure, resulting in increased levels of Vitamin D, which is a natural and powerful mood enhancer.

There are a number of benefits associated with getting a motorcycle of your own. It is one of those investments that you’ll never regret. Owning a bike is not only incredibly fun and exciting, it can also help you improve you mental and physical state. If you had any doubts about buying a bike, set them aside, because buying that motorcycle was a bad investment said no one ever.